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Welcome to American Tool and Tractor!

Home of Cub Cadet Residential and Pro Z Commercial Mowers along with Cub Cadet Challenger Utility Vehicles, American Tool and Tractor strives to offer you the best quality lawn mowers in the industry making your lawn mowing experience top notch and when done working, we carry the Cub Cadet Challenger Utility Vehicles to have the best experience in your recreational adventure.   We are a family owned and operated business offering outstanding customer service and top performance equipment that is desired.  We are here to serve you!                        

                                              6303 Castle Hayne Rd

                                            Castle Hayne, NC  28429

                                                   (910) 623-1136

We are located right next to the new Hudsons Hardware in Castle Hayne.Come check out our shop today! 

American Tool & Tractor:   









Serving the local community since 1996

From push mowers to Riding mowers and innovative zero turn mowers, we have it all here at American Tool & Tractor Cub Cadet, Your Premium Mower from your Premium Independent Dealer



Driven By Innovation


It's one thing to talk innovation - it's another to back it up. And at Cub Cadet, we've been backing it up for decades by building riding mowers, utility vehicles, commercial mowers and more that work harder and perform better than other outdoor power equipment. Whether you're a homeowner, a commercial landscaper, or an institutional groundskeeper, at Cub Cadet we're committed to making the best-in-class outdoor power equipment even better.


The world around us is constantly advancing. Shouldn't the machines we use to care for it advance, too? Cub Cadet launched the first zero-turn mower, engineered the CycloCut™ System mowing deck, and were the first to use the heavy-duty automatic transmission. We are committed to providing our customers with products that exceed their expectations and our line of premium-quality riding mowers, lawn tractors, zero-turn mowers and other outdoor power equipment is no exception. Explore our line-up today and find out why Cub Cadet is the smartest choice you can make.


Where incredible strength meets ultimate comfort.

With strength in every detail, from breakthrough cutting and bagging performance to incredibly responsive handling, enhanced comfort features and a first-of-its-kind Bluetooth® mobile app for down-to-the-minute maintenance monitoring - the XT Enduro Series sets the new standard as the strongest, most comfortable tractor. Its exceptional mowing performance, all-season versatility and strong construction stand up to just about anything...including every other tractor warranty out there.

We offer equipment for all of your needs.  Offering residential and commercial units.  Stop by and learn about our incentives and why you should buy from us.  Your local Exclusive Independent CUB CADET, CUB CADET PRO Z COMMERCIAL  and CUB CADET CHALLENGER Dealer


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Interested in a CUB CADET, CUB CADET PRO Z OR CUB CADET CHALLENGERS?  Stop by for a test drive today!!!

We will set up and deliver your new mower free of charge: 

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910 623-1136


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Demos and appointments may be schedueled at any time.  Give us a call in advance!


When it comes to quality there is nothing that compares to the Cub Cadet, Cub Cadet Pro Z or Cub Cadet Challenger

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